Mariposa is an XR, an immersive storytelling experience, accessible through different devices and modalities: from desktop to smartphone, in virtual or augmented reality. This experience was developed by Affinity Space for the Milano Digital Week 2021.

An interactive virtual showroom is an innovative solution to let brands, artists, designers, and consumers engage with products and experiences through an online platform.

Affinity Space curiosity led to testing the novel WebXR framework to render 3D scenes in hardware designed to support virtual worlds. With this new implementation, we are bringing a new level of experience to showcase our product and experiences.

Mariposa is currently hosting a coffee experience and it's intended to become the virtual showroom of the Affinity Space Projects.
Mariposa was built and designed with the use of Virtual prototyping tools such as Blender and Rhinoceros. We use procedural techniques to create organic and unique shapes that people could interact with and feel engaged.

One of the main advantages of creating this kind of virtual space is that there are no physical limitations, giving place to creativity and art to take over and create an immersive experience out of this world.
Our design approach for software development and in this particular case for WebXR development is based on the following steps.

Every design project needs to start with a correct understanding of the project. We research, benchmark, and iterate to create a strong experience concept. After setting the project goals we start by creating the initial user experience to be implemented inside our interactive application.

We proceed with the assets production such as environment, lighting, internal product, material creation, mock-ups, animations, and interactions.

Finally, we go through a series of application builds to optimize, test, and debug our experience. We try to collect a substantial amount of feedback to improve and create better interactive experiences.
This comparison is meant to sensitize the use of more sustainable products and processes to help in the fight against climate change that could affect cultivations such as coffee.

Mariposa's first exhibition is about the coffee supply chain, comparing two worlds of the same product. On the right side, we can experience a series of images taken from the shade-grown coffee cultivation, highlighting their artisanal processes.

Caffè 1100m was a partner of Affinity Space during this project by sharing media information, experience, and insights about specialty coffee.

While on the left side we can see how the more industrialized process of the coffee supply chain generates large quantities of waste, especially the coffee capsules.